This is a internet marketing model where the advertiser is ready to pay for publisher to advertising our product, link, videos through selected audience with Sponsored contents ads etc.

This is also called as paid marketing, SEM(Search engine marketing), Inorganic, Google adwords, Sponsored.

*Entities of PPC

  1. Publisher(Google, Bing, FB, Yahoo etc)
  2. Advertiser(Who want to promote)
  3. Landing Page- This is a web page where the user jump after clicking the advertisment.
  4. Keywords- This is searcch term where we want to show our ad.
  5. Bidding – Maximum amount of the fee where the advertiser is ready to pay for per click, per impression, per view, per installation etc.
  6. Budget- Maximum amount of the fee where the advertiser is ready to pay for per day and selected time period.
  7. Location
  8. Audience
  9. Scheduling- Day and time

*Bidding System-

CPM model(cost per mile/per thousand impression)
CPC(cost per click)
CPA(cost per aqusation or action)
CPV(cost per view)
CPI(cost per installation)

  • Ad Types-
  1. Search Ad/ Text ad: This shows up on google
  2. Display Ad/ Banner ad:
  3. Video ad- Youtube ad
  4. Application ad:
  5. Shopping ad/ Ecommerce ad or PLA (product listing ad)

*Google Adwords or Google Ads

This is a google tool use for creating all types of ads on google and google partner sites.

  • Structure of google ads:
  1. Campaign: This is a collection of a ad group where we can define campaigning objective(Like calls, leads, website traffic, product and brand consideration etc)
    Campaigning type(Text video, display etc) Campaigning name, budget, bidding, audience, devices, location and sheduling.
  2. Ad group: This is a collection of a similar types of keywords and ad copy.
  3. Keywords: It is a search query or search term made by user where we want to show our ad.

Types of keywords- 1.Broad Match Example: Java classes
2.Pharse Match- Example: “Java classes”
3.Exact Match- Example: [Java classes]

Negative Keywords: These are the search terms where we can exclude our ad.

*Ad copy: It is a collection of a heading 1 heading 2.. heading 10(Limit upto 30 characters) Path 1 and Path 2 (15 characters) Description 1 Description 2….5(limit upto 90 characters)

Ad Extensions: It is use for higlighting or providing extra information like features, phone number, services etc.

Different types of ad extensions:

  1. Site link extensions
  2. Call out extensions
  3. Call extensions
  4. Structure snippet extensions(Colun)
  5. Lead form extensions
  6. Location extensions
  7. Price extensions
  8. Image extensions

*Ad Rank: This is a formula use by google for defining ad postion which depend on bidding and quality score. Ad rank = bid x quality score.

*Quality score: This is a formula use by google for defining each and every keywords depend on keywords ad copy and landing page relevency measure by 0-10.

*CTR(Click through rate): This is dynamic metric assign for each and every keywords according to number ad clicks per thousand impression. That means how many visitors clicks your ad after seen it.

*How to craeate dynamic ad?


Google Conversion Tag: This is a google code use for tracking lead, sales event on your website through google.

What is remarketing or cookies based marketing?

Follow the existing user who has visited website.

*How to create display ad?
*Video Campaign.

There are different types od video Ad.

  1. Instream ad are on youtube in which after 5 seconds we can skip this ad
  2. Bumper ad are ads within 6 seconds.
  3. Instream non skippable ad which are around 20 seconds and can not be skipped.
  4. Video discover ads


*Application Ads

*PLA(Product listing Ad/ Ecommerce ad) or Shopping Ad

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