Off page: It is process of promoting our website to another good quality website. It is also called link building or backlink creation.

Q-What is gooogle page rank?
A-PageRank refers to the system and the algorithmic method that Google uses to rank pages as well as the numerical value assigned to pages as a score.

This is a algoritham or formula use by google for defining website quality. According to website publicity, website backlinks, website quality. Measure by 0-10(Google page rank checker online site)

Q-What is D.A and P.A?
A- Domain authority and Page authority.

This is a MOZ tool which define website rank depend on website traffic, website content and website domain age. Measure by 1-100(DA checker online site)

Q-What is Alexa rank?
A- Alexa rank is a global website popularity ranking created by Alexa Internet company, which is a subsidiary of Amazon. Alexa uses web traffic data to make an ordered list of the most popular sites on the Internet. Alexa rank lets you know how popular your site is compared to all other sites.

This is an amazon tool which provide local and global rank according to website traffic. Measure by 1- infinite. (Alexa rank checker online site)

Q-What is dofollow and nofollow backlinks?

A- A dofollow link is a link that helps in terms of SEO by passing the authority of the origin site to the destination site. This passing of authority is called, “link juice.” Acquiring dofollow backlinks will help improve a website’s domain authority, or domain rating, which in turn, helps to improve keyword ranking.

dofollow link attribute does pass “link juice” that means user and crawler both are follow the link. By default all hyperlinks are dofollow.

Anhcor Tag Syntex:        <a href="">best tourist holiday packages</a>

A nofollow link, or backlink, is a link which does not pass authority on to the website it is linking to. These links do not help in terms of SEO. To make a link nofollow, add rel=”nofollow” to the code when linking to a website.

nofollow link attribute does not pass link juice that means only human will be able to follow the link, crawler does not follow the link.

  Anhcor Tag Syntex:      <a href="" rel="nofollow">best tourist holiday packages</a>

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Backlinking activities off page:

  1. Search Engine Submission.
  2. Directory Submission.
    a) Paid submission
    b) Free submission
    c) Reciprocal submission
    3 Social bookmarking(faceboook, pintrest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram)

*Profile Submission:

Blogging(Blog Submission)


*Ad Posting or classified: OLX, Quicker, Clickin, Click India

*Video Submission: Youtube, Metacafe, Dailymotion

*Canva, After effect, Premier pro. Vimeo.

*PPT(Power Point Presenatation) Submission.

*Image Submission-

*Article Submission: Ezinearticle, Hubpages, go article

*Question and Answer submission like Quora

*RSS Feed Plugin for wordpress– Rich site summary
*Press release(

*Blog commenting

Advance SEO

*Structured Data or Schema: This is use for highlighting our business information like review, site link, address, phone number etc on serp. name): It provides different types of micro data(Item Scope), (Item type), (Item pro)

  1. Googel knowledge graph mostly use for MNC.
  2. Auto generated site link.
  3. Review snippet.

Google my business

SERP Trends